Consulting Services: Shelters and Rescues

I offer a wide range of consulting services for animal shelters and rescues. I have more than seven years of experience in animal sheltering. At the bottom of this page I have listed some of the seminars I have attended.

Services offered:

♥ How to set up a canine behavior assessment (aka temperament testing) protocol; or how to determine if you should even doing behavior assessments. What do they mean in terms of behavior in a home; what are the red flags when doing a behavior assessment, etc.

♥ Behavior modification for shelter dogs: I can help your shelter set up a behavior modification plan as simple as working on helping dogs with their kennel front behaviors; to as complex as setting up programs to help dogs overcome behavior issues that are keeping them from being adopted.

♥ Kennel enrichment: Many dogs in kennels are bored and stressed. This leads to behavior issues and ultimately may lead to a euthanasia decision. I can help your kennel staff set up enrichment protocols to keep dogs from becoming bored.

♥ Staff training: I offer training on canine body language and why understanding the dog is important to keeping staff and patrons safe. I can help shelter directors tweak volunteer and foster programs to get the most out of the awesome resources you have in your volunteers and fosters. They can help you with dogs with behavior issues as long as everyone as the necessary training.

♥ Thinking of setting up dog/dog play groups in your shelter? I can help you with what that would look like.

♥ Rescues: I can help your foster-based system understand how to help dogs with common stress issues such as destructive behaviors; fear based behaviors such as biting and growling and knowing which dogs will most likely have a good outcome in terms of behavior modficiation. I also offer behavior assessments for dogs in rescue as well as offering training and behavior modification plans for dogs in rescues.

Seminars I have attended:

Aimee Sadler: Dog/dog play groups in shelters
Robin Bennett: Dog/dog play groups in shelters
Sue Sternberg: Assess-A-Pet training
Kelley Bollen: Behavior assessment (temperament testing) protocols
Jean Donaldson: Canine behavior
Nicole Wilde: Fearful dogs and how to help them
Sophia Yin: Fear free handling
Debbie Martin/Julie Shaw: Fear Free Handling
Kathy Sado: Dog reactivity

I have also attended numerous Clicker Expo conferences and two conferences hosted by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

I am a certified trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy, this is a six-month course that requires both hands-on and written examinations.