Need a Speaker?

I offer several talks and can format them to fit many different types of organizations.

Learn to Speak Dog: Understand what your dog is telling you. How do you communicate to your dog and how is he communicating to you? Our failure to fully understand each other is often the root cause of many behavior and annoyance issues. Great for children or adults. Perfect for a library or civic organization. Length: 1 hour

Kids and Dogs: Children are bitten by the family dog far more often than adults. This talk will help children understand how to interact with the family dog (or a strange dog they meet). Great for children’s organizations or schools. Length: 1 hour

Why did I get a puppy? This is a question many people ask themselves after the cute and fuzzy factor has worn off. Puppies and adolescent dogs (up to 2 years of age) are the most given up animal to shelters. This is the time period people often have the most difficulty with in terms of loving their dog. Learn simple techniques to keep your household harmonious. Length: 1 hour

Does your organization need something specific? Just ask and I will let you know if I am the right person to present your topic.

Contact: 765-686-1246 or email