Training Services Offered

I offer a full range of dog training services. Whether you want basic obedience or have a serious behavior problem; I am here to help you.

I offer in-home training to clients in Central Indiana and East Central Indiana. I also offer video consulting or phone consulting to anyone. I am using Zoom ( for my video consults. You would need to download the program (it is free) and have fast internet access. I also can offer help just over the phone. For many issues I do not need to be physically present in order to help you. You can read more about this here.

Most of my work will be with you; the dog’s caretaker. You need to be the one who learns how to train your dog and maintain the behaviors you wish your dog to have. I will be giving you a figurative training toolbox; show you how to use the tools in the box and provide you the support you need to work with your dog. All of my tools are positive; reward-based tools. Your dog will learn to work with you because he wants to. A dog that wants to work with you is a much happier dog than one you force to work with you.

I will work with dogs which have serious behavior issues; including dogs with bite histories to people or other animals.

If you are working toward a Canine Good Citizen test I can help you attain that goal as well. I do not offer service dog training or protection dog training. I can help you find the first; and tell you why I do not recommend the second.

Common problems I work with:

♥ Fear issues in the dog; causing growling or biting toward people or other animals

♥ Reactivity issues: Dog lunging or growling at other dogs on a walk; or people dog sees on a walk.

♥ Leash pulling

♥ House soiling

♥ Boredom or stress-induced behaviors such as destructive chewing; digging; unable to settle jo-jo-crate

♥ Crate or separation anxiety

♥ Attention seeking behaviors: Jumping up on people; jumping on the counter; taking items and running away with them; barking

♥ Issues with children and dogs: biting kids; stealing food; knocking children over; playing rough with children

♥ Dog doesn’t “listen” when owner asks the dog to do something

♥ Crate training

♥ Basic Obedience

♥ Scent work: I can help people who want to start out in Nosework or teaching their dog to find specific odors. sky-on-a-stump

♥ Fun and Games: Many dogs exhibit behaviors we find annoying because they are bored. Training does not have to mean basic obedience. We can learn fun games and how to have fun anywhere.

♥  Don’t see it on the list? No worries, I will be happy to help you.

Basically; if your dog is doing anything that annoys you or makes you wish at times the dog wasn’t there; I can help you. Love your dog again.

$$ Pricing: Fees are based on location and my drive time.  I am happy to quote a fee for your area. I try and keep my prices reasonable. Most of the Indianapolis area will fall in the $135 to $175 range; while those in Henry County and Hancock County will be in the $50 to $125 range. I am happy to travel to any location. Many people will only need one session since I am training you to train your dog.

Contact: Connie Swaim, 765-686-1246; email: